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High Point Farms, LLC

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High Point Farms, LLC is committed to providing our customers with high quality Grass-Fed beef, grass-fed lamb, free range eggs, pasture raised chicken, pasture raised pork as nature intended – and as our ancestors enjoyed!  

  We do not use any antibiotics or growth hormones with any animals we raise.   All animals are treated humanely and raised outside! The cattle are raised using rotational grazing in the summer and fall and feed Hay on pasuture in the winter months.

  All pork is raised by a local farmer who uses pasture methods year round.  The pork is feed organic grain and not given antibiotics or grown hormones. 

 Our meat chickens are only raised during the warmer months and after they are 2-3 weeks old they are raised outside and fed grass, bugs and organic grain.

Owners Bob and Tina MacCheyne currently both work off the farm.  We are working for a sustainable farm that will support us and our animals for the future.   By working with other local farmers to provide our customers with good wholesome local food, our sustainability and our cooperative farm sustainability is within reach. 


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